Summa Summa Summertime!

E + Me Summer Must Haves


If you live anywhere in the great state of Alabama - you're probably very aware of the fact that summertime is in full swing. Kids are out of school, all routes to the beach are jam packed with traffic, sprinklers are out, and it sure feels like air conditioners are too! We've got a sweet lineup of summer picks for your little loves {and you!} to beat the heat. All items available online and in stores!

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1. Zara Terez Girls' Summer Sunnies Capri Leggings - Does it get any sunnier than this? These super cute leggies will keep her chill on those hot summer days.

2. Judith March "Boat Hair Don't Care" Hat - Next day hair don't care either when you have your Judy hat in tow. Pop it on to run some errands, shade your face or cover up that next day hair.

3. Little Unicorn Cotton Swaddle in Lemon - These swaddles are the true rockstar of summer. Use it to provide a little shade, a lightweight nap throw, a stylish toddler sarong... the possibilities are endless. We are loving all the summery fruit prints! 

4. 17 Month Large Agenda - I Am Very Busy - Keep their schedules jam packed and keep track of it all with this super sassy agenda. Great for tweens too!

5. Southern Point Boy's Bayfront Water Activated Trunk - Trust us. Your. Dude. Needs. These. Not only are they preppy and perfect, the pointer logo print activates when wet. He will love them for their cool factor. You will love them for their class factor.

6. Story Book Lamp Set - Backyard campout? These flashlight projector sets will keep them entertained for hours. Ghost stories optional.

7. Pink Chicken Zoe One Piece Swimsuit - She can never have too many cute suits. This one takes the cake of cuteness. 

8. Ice Cream Matching Game - Because ice cream. 

9. Beach, Please! Jumbo Heart Innertube - I mean, what's not to love? Float around is style in this adorably fun float all summer long.



June 07, 2016 by Jessica Dawson

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